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090 R&D – Music from Area 51 Hip Hop | Stylistic Scratchin | Album Talk

In this episode, we chat for a bit then play music from Area 51 Hip Hop crew, Dice embraces a style of scratching, and Greyface joins.


Music in this episode


089 R&D – Inspirational Hoops with Handlez IKIL | Music by Hellz Yea | Dope Kicks and Snares

Big up to an old friend Handlez IKIL for being recognized by the NBA for his amazing Basketball skills and dedication. My grade-school friend, who has always been passionate, got an opportunity to participate in 2018 NBA All Star festivities because he put in hard work for years. His dedication embodies what we’re all about at Rollz and Dice. A lot of hard work and talent goes a long way when combined with a little bit of luck. Big up, Dan*

Learn more about it here.

In this episode of the podcast, we give props to Dan* and then play music from Hellz Yea & DJ Mouse Trap – a Brooklyn Hip Hop duo with a classic New York feel. We also play a dope beat from BenJamin.

Finally, Dice shares his techniques for getting thick, pounding kicks and snares.


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088 R&D – Classic Hip Hop Records | Music by Ill Methods and Angry Monk | Dice Samples A New Genre

The Rollz and Dice Show - Episode 88

In this episode, we get loose and talk about some classic hip hop records and then play some music by Ill Methods and Angry Monk. Also, Dice shares a genre of new samples he’s been working on.

Also, we chat about Dice’s record and cassette collection and his new interest in Discogs. Here is his cassette collection:


Music mentioned in this episode:

087 R&D – The Nightmare on The R&D Show | Dubstep by Machine Dreams and Freak Fineman & Gary Sales

Once upon a time, Rollz and Dice played Dubstep! In this episode, we play some new music, previously played music, and then talk about music production.


Links mentioned and music played in this episode

Rollz and Dice Climb a Mountian and talk about grounding issues while making the second album:

Suh by Machine Dreams


The Madman by Freak Fineman & Gary Sales

Cassette by Rez Junkee, Layne, and Angry Monk – Produced by BenJamin

086 R&D – Sample Rate Issues | Listening To Albums | Music By Johnny Hillwood | Send Us Your Music

We’re one step closer to upgrading Dice’s audio. He’s trying to get his new PreSonus AudioBox USB to work with his Mac, but when he plugs in and attempts to use it, we hear nothing but snaps, crackles, and pops! He’s using GarageBand and this is the error message we see:

“Error while trying to synchronize audio and MIDI Sample rate 23,956 recognized. Check conflict between GarageBand and external device.”

What that says to me is that somewhere along the line the AudioBox must be sending a different sample rate than GarageBand and his Mac are looking for. We dive into this in the episode.

Also, we talk about putting together some demos for our latest project, play music by Johnny Hillwood, talk about enhancing our website, and then Dice shares a beat.


Music in this episode:

085 R&D – Broadcasting to Twitch | Music From BenJamin and Redd The Rebel

In episode 85, we re-established our live broadcast feed with Twitch. If you want to join us live, we broadcast each week at 9 PM EST (6 Pacific). More information is at

We also play music by BenJamin and Redd The Rebel.

Finally, we chat about the 3rd Installment.


083 R&D – Did We Meet Our 2017 Goals?


Just Kidding! We definitely made some progress over the past year… and here’s to another year!

2017 Goals and 2018 Goals

We were pretty ambitious. In this episode, we went over our goals for 2017 and establish our goals for 2018.


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