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065 R&D – Dice Gets Funky | BenJamin Submits A Song | We Speak About Digital Sequencing

In this Thursday edition of the podcast, Dice shares his progress on a beat he is making. Then, we play a song submitted by a new listener, and finally, we speak about digital sequencing.

Song in this episode


063 R&D – Want Your Music To Be Heard? Submit Your Songs And We Will Play Them On The Podcast

We’re on another tip right now. We want to hear your music! If you listen to the Rollz and Dice Show, send us your jams and we will play your music on our show! Email with your jam!


Mixing Vocals with Shaun Kelly from Raw Technique Studios

In this podcast interview, audio engineer and entrepreneur Shaun Kelly from Raw Technique Studios talks about mixing vocals and how he began his business.

I reached out to Shaun after I saw his YouTube video that accumulated several hundred thousand views. In the video, Shaun lays out his signal flow for vocals. The funny thing is that he has updated his process since the video was published. Here is Shaun’s updated signal chain for vocals:

  1. Start with a De-Esser to clean up sibilance.
  2. Then, EQ sweep to listen for and remove any other problem frequencies.
  3. Compress to control dynamics.

That’s the basic chain! The video further breaks down some other techniques to get a full sound while mixing rap vocals. For example, some other possible effect you might add are as follows:

  • Air enhancer – add high end and thickness
  • Distortion – for grit
  • Parallel Compression- Duplicate and add another compressor  – crush the signal and mix to fill it in
  • Finally, add reverb or delay. In the video, Shaun adds plate reverb with decay all the way down and doesn’t allow too much high end to be affected. Delay – quarter note delay with a telephone sounding EQ penciled in at specific spots.

That’s not the only thing we talked about, though. We talk about his journey in building his business and more!


Shaun is an entrepreneur and shared a couple of the the resources that helped him get to where he is:

  • Lifter LMS for hosting training content.
  • for general learning of the website stuff
  • Inmotion hosting for web hosting
  • Easy digital downloads – sell beats | courses sent out as zip file

Shaun can be found at and has info about this podcast at

Thanks to Shaun Kelly and Raw Technique Studios and to all of our listeners.


062 R&D – The Greyface Show: Episode 1

Dice and I welcome the third member to our crew, Greyface Killah. This dude is awesome. Honestly, Greyface brings fun to the podcast. Dice and I get too analytical sometimes, and Grey keeps us grounded and then some. Listen to this episode to learn more about Greyface Killah.


061 R&D – The Struggle | Recording Audio 101 | 30 Day Challenge 2nd Edition

In this episode, Dice and I chat a bit then after that, I explain the new YouTube series “Recording Audio 101”, and I drop the news that I am going into the second installment of the 30 day beat making challenge! You can find out more about the 30 Day Challenge here:



060 R&D – Dropbox Strategy Revisted | Outsourcing

We’re getting to a point where we can fully implement our Dropbox file sharing strategy. Dice is getting set up and we are almost ready. In the podcast, we discuss sharing large audio files over the web. The process of remote collaboration is key for Dice and myself since we live 3,000 miles apart.

Also, we talk about our own limits and when is the right time to start outsourcing.


Oh yeah, here are the images mentioned in the episode:

  • New logo mockup (preliminary stage):

  • Old logo:

059 R&D – @rollzanddice | Twitter and YouTube Strategies | Guide To Beat Making Finished

We’re on Twitter @rollzanddice. This is the account that we post updates related to our On Air Fridays@9 live show. For example, last week, we cancelled our show last minute and were concerned about letting folks know that the show was cancelled. This is what our Twitter is used for. If you are a HARDCORE R&D fan, follow us on Twitter @rollzanddice and look for updates Fridays @ 9 PM EST!

We are also developing our YouTube channel to be a more valuable resource. Instead of hosting all of our hour-long conversations, we will extract the best info, condense it to our podcast on iTunes, or re-upload the potent video snippet content to YouTube. Look for this stuff in the coming weeks.

Additionally, we finished writing The Rollz and Dice Guide to Beat Making. This is a 15 page eBook and blogpost that breaks down the process of beat making. Check it out and let us know what you think. It can be downloaded here: 



Having a proper archiving strategy is important for accessing all of your files whenever you need them. This video shows a technique I use to while storing my data. It will help in the long run, believe me!


058 R&D – Grounding Your Signal | Rice Krispies? | Who Are Rollz & Dice?

Ground Your Signal

ALERT! You may be susceptible to audio interference. Make sure you are grounding your audio signal! Otherwise, your music is gonna sound like crap! Make sure your noise floor is set at a reasonable level. Then, if you continue to hearing some weird interference, you gotta investigate. Trace the chord back to the wall checking every cable in your signal flow. You will find the culprit, I promise you.

Rice Krispies?

Rice Krispies are a healthy part of your balanced diet. Just kidding, stick with vegetables… Rice Krispies are the pops and clicks you hear when you’re listening to your dad’s old vinyl records. *crackle crackle*.

Vinyl records are a big part of the Rollz and Dice sound. *pop pop*.

Who Are Rollz & Dice

Who are you? Better yet, who are we? Listen here: