018 R&D – Reaction To GZA’s (from Wu-Tang Clan) Perfomance


We went to see GZA perform at The Observatory in Santa Ana, CA. Doors opened at 10:30 PM, but GZA didn’t go on until around 1:00 AM which is typical of a rap show. Either way, it was worth the wait because he put on a great show. He came on stage to perform his album Liquid Swords in its entirety and it was definitely cool to see.

Wu-Tang Clan has been a major influence of Rollz and Dice mostly because of the way they approach music making and developing concepts. The group consists of multiple emcees all of which were individual but tied back into the core concept that was birthed by GZA and RZA. They had a fascination with Kung Fu movies and turned it into a concept that launched the careers of all the members. I am mostly fascinated with the way they allowed the Wu-Tang brand be a vehicle for not only music, but for movies, clothing, books, and other things. In fact, RZA explains in his books. Here are the links to those books:

I recommend reading these books if you’re a fan of Wu-Tang because RZA dives into a lot of the stuff that went into making their records and brand. Anyways, RZA explains in these books that GZA was the source of a lot of the knowledge that the group was kicking. It showed at the concert because GZA was every bit calm and collected on stage. It was clear that he was a professional and really good at what he does because of his sense of calm on the stage.

In this episode of the podcast, Dice and I chat about the show and how GZA continues to be an inspiration to us today. Check it out by clicking the play button above and don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast! Oh yeah, and below is a playlist with the Liquid Swords album for your listening pleasure.

GZA Liquid Swords


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