003 R&D – Developing Concepts and Themes | Songwriting

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When writing songs with others, it helps to develop concepts and themes. This is why I prefer setting out to write an entire record versus a single song. Songs tied into a theme can wind up being better in relation to other tracks played before or after them.

Dice and I discuss the idea for the first song and decide to attempt writing lyrics for a chorus and a verse. We’ll go ahead and write 16 bars and send them to each other to see where we are at with concepts.

Songwriting is a fickle beast. She can take up all of your time or can be quick. It seems to be a mindset more than anything. While trying to write at first, it can be tough, but the more you shift your mind set the smoother the process becomes.

Take a listen to the podcast and get into Dice and my conversation as we try to continue our path.


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