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The metal fan in Dice comes out while talking about Metallica’s new album, we get serious for a minute about a friend in need, we get a call from a surprise guest, and then we wrap up with some R&D talk. If you’re on the website, click the playhead above. If you want to subscribe in iTunes and listen there, follow the link below and then subscribe:

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Our friend Charlene Marie King needs help. I can’t put it any better than my sister Erin Taylor already has, so here it is directly quoted from her Facebook page:

“Before I share the story, here is the long & short of it: Charlene Marie King, a disaster recovery champion and friend to many of us, is in trouble and she needs your help and your donations today.

All of you have given your time and your money at some point to assist Americans affected by what seems to be more constant natural disasters over the past 10 years. And still others of you experienced these disasters first hand. It was Hurricane Katrina that brought many of us to meet each other, and Charlene Marie King. She was a long-term volunteer with Habitat for Humanity, and is now a mentor of mine and one of my closest friends. I believe many of you feel that way too.

Perhaps, due to the experiences we had, we have never forgotten Katrina; Waveland, or Slidell, Pearlington, Mobile or Biloxi; we haven’t forgotten the ice storms in Missouri and the fires in South Tahoe either. But we all watched the church groups slowly forget, while people continued to struggle to rebuild their homes, their lives, and their sanity after the groups stopped coming. Many of you know that Charlene was so altered by the sheer magnitude of the work to be done and by the dwindling numbers of volunteers that showed up as the months went by and the “sexiness” of the latest natural disaster faded for the news media, that she started an organization.

She registered her new organization as a 501c3 nonprofit, and christened it the Not Forgotten Project, because Charlene decided that she would never forget; not just Waveland, not just Biloxi; but the site of every major natural disaster for the past several years. Every year, sometimes more than once a year, she organizes groups of people to head to these forgotten places, years after they were torn apart, to help rebuild. And within this framework, she focuses on recruiting youth–developing them as leaders and as citizens during each trip. She not only brings her skills, but her spirit and her warm hugs to the people of these communities.

Charlene lifts people up out of the dark. I have watched her garner the love of so many with her giving nature–from the Mayor of LaVerne California on to the man behind the counter at the convenience store. Which convenience store? All of them. There is no one in the world who Charlene doesn’t have time for, no matter how much time there is or isn’t.

And that’s why I’m writing. Because believe it or not, there may not be a lot of time left. Charlene told me earlier this week that she has a brain aneurysm. Though it is completely possible that this is operable and fixable and everything is going to be fine, I’ve spent this week entertaining the very real possibility that it might not be. Yeah, I was one of those people who truly believed that Trump couldn’t get elected. I got a rude awakening (I know many others saw it coming). So if something as crazy as that could happen, I’ve had to entertain the possibility that one of my closest friends, a mentor, someone I consider family—could die.

I flew out to see Charlene on Wednesday. If this is the first you’re hearing of her condition, rest assured she is doing well–greeting it with peace and positivity as always. She goes on every day, trying to keep up with the student groups she mentors at LaVerne University, follow up with her youth leaders, and plan the next trip.

Charlene is Not Forgotten’s only employee; and she doesn’t even get paid. It’s clear that she is having a hard time keeping up because of medical stuff getting in the way. Her fall fundraisers, which pay the rent for the Not Forgotten office, were beyond the scope of her ability to run this year. And so now, she’s behind on rent and facing eviction from Not Forgotten headquarters.

But not if we act. If just 60 people were to give $50 each to Not Forgotten, the rent would be all paid up through the New Year. If 100 people give, then Not Forgotten will be all set through February. Since Charlene has an appointment with the neurosurgeon next week, I’m thinking it’s plausible that she could get through surgery and recovery over the next few months… and then hopefully be back on her feet running. But for now we need to buy her time, and we need to alleviate the stress of eviction from her shoulders. Nobody dealing with a brain aneurysm should be dealing with this kind of stress.

So, I’m asking you for $50 for Not Forgotten today–right now, because the past due rent is needed on Monday. I know it’s almost Giving Tuesday. I know you’re all amazing and have other causes you work for. And I know that Trump just got elected and you’ve probably been giving money left and right. I also know that some of you may be strapped for cash right now, and I understand. But this is a good cause, and now is the time Charlene needs you the most.

I give to Not Forgotten as often as I can, and will be giving again today. If you can’t do $50, of course any amount is welcome and wonderful; but if you think you can do more, that’s even better. We already have 3 pledges, so that’s just 57 to go in order to avoid eviction.

In addition, you can spread the word. If you know anyone who has a heart for disaster recovery and youth leadership development, or who is a friend to Charlene, now is the time to call on them. Please invite them to this group!

So will you join me in giving $50, or whatever you can, right now? Go here and click DONATE:


(this is the correct link; I replaced the one I posted earlier that was giving some of you trouble)

I can’t stress how important it is that if you can do it, you do it today. I appreciate your time and your love, and so does Charlene.

I’m all ears and available if you want to talk about any of this, and so is Charlene. I love you all. I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving. I’ll be in touch and keep y’all posted on the outcome of this fundraiser!

Love very much,

Erin Taylor (ET)”

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