046 R&D – Thoughts On The 3rd Installment | Kaotica Eyeball | Peter Griffin

Dice takes my temperature on my ideas about our next record (which we are affectionately calling The 3rd Installment). Basically, we’re in a brainstorming phase while we create our next set of songs. We conclude our thoughts by realizing that we are liquid. We’re malleable and just spinballin’ ideas and this is how we come up with new concepts.

Also, I’ve been hip to this new piece of gear which I will be adding to my arsenal on the next round of recording. I share my enthusiasm for this piece of gear. For someone like me who doesn’t have an acoustically treated studio, this product is the bees knees. It’s a sound isolation device that is placed around any microphone in an untreated room to make for a less audibly polluted recording. It will make it so we can get a quality take even in a loud environment. Check out the Kaotica Eyeball. https://www.kaoticaeyeball.com/products/kaotica-eyeball

Finally, we get a call from Peter Griffin and oh yeah, Dice bought an MPC… more on that next week!


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