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Know Thy Cable - Rollz and Dice

Know Thy Cable!

It’s important to understand signal flow and how your audio is moving from place to place. This is especially relevant in terms of the cables you’re using. It can be hard enough to find the right adapters and cables, but can be even worse if you damage equipment because of unbalanced impedance loads caused from improperly using cables. Below I have listed three examples of how not to use cables.

  1. Don’t use a speaker cable as an instrument cable – If you do this you may end up introducing a lot of noise.
  2. Don’t use a DMX cable as an XLR cable – A mic cable has lower impedance. Using DMX cables as XLR cables may cause unexpected drop outs in your audio. Using XLR cables as DMX cables could cause unexpected flickering to your lighting rig.
  3. Don’t use a stereo 3.5mm to TS cable to send a stereo signal into a mono jack – You may be doubling your sound load. Whatever mixer you have might not accept as much signal as you are pushing through which can be damaging.

While there are certainly more instances, at least this illustrates a few to look to avoid right off the bat!

For more info on cables, HERE is an audio cable guide complete with pictures that should help you identify a few of the common cable types.

Rollz and Dice Talk About Workflow

Dice and I get inspired while going through our current list of songs and talking about our influences. The first few songs are still in the process of being written, but the structures and skeletons are pretty much there. Listen to the podcast to hear all about it!

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