058 R&D – Grounding Your Signal | Rice Krispies? | Who Are Rollz & Dice?

Ground Your Signal

ALERT! You may be susceptible to audio interference. Make sure you are grounding your audio signal! Otherwise, your music is gonna sound like crap! Make sure your noise floor is set at a reasonable level. Then, if you continue to hearing some weird interference, you gotta investigate. Trace the chord back to the wall checking every cable in your signal flow. You will find the culprit, I promise you.

Rice Krispies?

Rice Krispies are a healthy part of your balanced diet. Just kidding, stick with vegetables… Rice Krispies are the pops and clicks you hear when you’re listening to your dad’s old vinyl records. *crackle crackle*.

Vinyl records are a big part of the Rollz and Dice sound. *pop pop*.

Who Are Rollz & Dice

Who are you? Better yet, who are we? Listen here: