059 R&D – @rollzanddice | Twitter and YouTube Strategies | Guide To Beat Making Finished

We’re on Twitter @rollzanddice. This is the account that we post updates related to our On Air Fridays@9 live show. For example, last week, we cancelled our show last minute and were concerned about letting folks know that the show was cancelled. This is what our Twitter is used for. If you are a HARDCORE R&D fan, follow us on Twitter @rollzanddice and look for updates Fridays @ 9 PM EST!

We are also developing our YouTube channel to be a more valuable resource. Instead of hosting all of our hour-long conversations, we will extract the best info, condense it to our podcast on iTunes, or re-upload the potent video snippet content to YouTube. Look for this stuff in the coming weeks.

Additionally, we finished writing The Rollz and Dice Guide to Beat Making. This is a 15 page eBook and blogpost that breaks down the process of beat making. Check it out and let us know what you think. It can be downloaded here: www.rollzanddice.com/beatmaking