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So many times I’ve had a great idea and then walked up to my computer, turned it on, and come across something that prevents me from getting any work done. Whether it be troubleshooting my audio interface or loading virtual instruments, the little things add up, and by the time I get everything set up, sometimes I have lost the original creative idea. Here are 6 things that I do to set up a seamless workflow:

  1. Set aside a time to go through new virtual instruments ahead of my session.
  2. Determine what the ensemble of instruments will be. If I know I want drums, bass, two different leads, and keys, I think  of parts for each instrument and I think about how I am going to spread the chords across those instruments. Remember, if you can’t decide which instruments you typically use, you can always change virtual instruments after the fact. Just get something down and change it later if you need to.
  3. Rehearse solos and parts ahead of time and be ready to lay it down first try.
  4. That brings up the next one. If the take is not right in the first 3 tries, I’m not ready and I go back to the practice room. Plus things generally sound the most authentic during the first few takes.
  5. Save templates! Most DAWs will allow you to save a template or many templates. This helps tremendously with work flow.
  6. Write your music ahead of time. Just use your home recording setup to get the recording done. Don’t do your writing on the computer. Use a guitar, piano, or your voice.

That’s it! Well, those are only a few things you can do to improve your workflow. There are many more, but at least you can try these!

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