008 R&D – How Do You Consume Music? | Rollz and Dice Wonder How To Present The Album To Listeners


I narrowed it down. When I listen to music, I’m usually at work, in my car, at home, or at the gym using Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, my turntable, iPod, or a CD player.

At work
I’m generally wearing headphones and kickin’ it on Spotify. I’ll visit allmusic.com to reference bands’ discographies and set up my playlists in chronological order by album. I like to listen to an entire album from front to back to get the full idea of it. However, I shuffle once I’ve heard an entire album. The radio works sometimes but if I’m listening to the it’s generally sports radio. When it comes to my music preferences, I’d rather choose the music or have a friend choose it for me.

In my car
I use a 2nd generation iPod and an auxiliary cable into my auxiliary jack. I know people use Bluetooth connections to do the same thing. I also still make use of CDs in my car and still buy them occasionally. Remember mix CDs?  😉 Those were fun. I used to burn mix CDs for my friends all the time!

At home
I have a turntable with a bunch of inherited records and a handful of new records. I also blast Spotify from my desktop computer.

At the gym
Generally, I am holding on to my iPod listening to inspirational podcasts. However, sometimes I listen to jams that pump me up!


Anyways, I’m curious to know how most people consume music and audio in general. Be it music or talk radio or a podcast. How do you consume music? Take the Survey to let us know or comment below!

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