009 R&D – Concept Albums

Concept Albums

Concept albums have been around for awhile. They are more than just groups of songs. They are elongated pieces of music with recurring themes and motifs not only lyrically, but musically as well. I like to think of them like movies – a single piece of work to be consumed in one sitting. Here are some popular examples:

  • Tommy by The Who
  • Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd
  • The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars by David Bowie

Making a Concept Album

Dice and I set out to write our own concept album. The general theme is working the daily grind at a 9-5 job and then getting home to go to a studio recording session. Here is a general outline of the album broken up into 12 tracks:

  1. Rollz picks up Dice on the drive into work
  2. Rollz and Dice enter the warehouse – boss is always grinding
  3. Daily grind – at least it’s Friday
  4. Lunch break – last day of the week, what a relief
  5. Afternoon lull – much needed coffee break
  6. Home stretch – almost time for the bell
  7. 5 o clock – Yeah buddy!!! Get ready for the show
  8. Studio session
  9. The show – The R&D Show
  10. The Party
  11. The After Party
  12. Rinse and repeat – Wake up and do it again..

Click the play head above to listen to this episode where we talk about writing a concept album among other things.

Calling All Writers!

Also, I’m curious if anybody has any ideas for lyrics or music that they would want to contribute to the album. Leave a comment below or get at @rollzanddice on the tweet land!

Music In This Episode

Here are the songs that we mentioned in this episode:


-Rollz McGuyver

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