025 R&D – Mastering Explained With Matt Hayes | Kicking Off The Era Of The Singles


Mastering is a stage in the production process that enhances audio and brings it to a standardized level of quality. Another common way to think of it is a way to make music radio-ready.  Technically and traditionally, this process would be called pre-mastering and Mastering would be the final preservation, production, and duplication stage of making an album, but for the purpose of this episode, let’s just call it Mastering.

In this episode, we chat with our Mastering Engineer Matt Hayes about the signal chain he used to give our music some mojo and make it sound nice and toasty. Then, Dice and I listen to a new beat and talk about how we are going to be producing and releasing singles for awhile as opposed to waiting for a full album to be completed to release music. Check the podcast out by clicking the play head above (if you’re on the website) or downloading the episode in iTunes!

Also, if you need a great audio engineer to mix or master your music, contact matttheengineer@gmail.com.


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