056 R&D – A Dope Track From Justin D | In The Mix With Brian B | Audio Upgrade

We intro the show with a jam written by Justin Depew. Then, Dice gets into the Akai MPC talk. Finally, we troubleshoot Dice’s new laptop.


Mentioned In The Episode

Brian Buckalew –


055 R&D – The Best Way To Broadcast Live | Akai MPC Talk | Hip Hop Wives Tales

The best way to podcast/live-stream over the internet is via a hardwire connection through an ethernet cable. If you want to get into live streaming on Google Hangouts with any kind of quality standard, you will want to make sure you have a hardwire connection on a computer. This way, you won’t experience as many dropouts. Also, you expand your ability to connect external devices like audio interfaces and microphones while using a computer.

In this episode, we go over the best practices for connecting over the internet and then we get into Akai MPC talk. Here is a picture of an MPC Sound Library Card (mentioned in the episode):

Finally, we talk about some hip hop wive’s tales when it comes to licensing and law suits at the highest level of the hip hop world.


054 R&D – The Machine | The Connection | Beat Making Guide Update | Coming Clean With Greyface

Right now, we’re in a situation where we’re beefin’ up Dice’s home studio. Since we write and record music and communicate primarily over the internet, it’s important that our CPUs are robust and our internet connections are solid. In this episode, we talk about our latest technical enhancements and shortcomings. It’s funny because we actually experience some dropouts and technical difficulties during the recording of the episode as we address our internet connection and strive to better our show.

After that, we disclose our upcoming to-do list regarding The Rollz and Dice Guide To Beat Making and finally, we crack some jokes with our pal Greyface.


053 R&D – Overcoming Obstacles | Dice Shares Music | eBook Feedback | Gilbert

We’re back at it after a week off! We get into a conversation about a couple beats that Dice has made and what obstacles he has overcome with the Akai MPC 1000.

After we recorded episode 52, I sent a copy of the Rollz and Dice Guide To Beat Making to Dice. In this episode, Dice tells me how he feels about it and finally, Gilbert Gottfried tells us what he thinks of all of this!


052 R&D – Monthly Stats | Podcast Versus Live Show | Norm | Guide To Beat Making

Episode fifty two for me and you. Get into the groove.

This week, we jam on monthly stats, question the difference between our live show versus our podcast, and spill the beans on The Rollz and Dice Guide To Beat Making.

Finally, Norm MacDonald calls in and gives us one of his jokes. Listen through the end… It’s pretty funny…


051 R&D – Dawn Of End | The Documentary

Dice’s band has got some shows coming up! They play metal and are called Dawn Of End. Here is a link to their website. http://www.dawnofendofficial.fourfour.com/.

In this episode, we chat about what is going on with Dice’s band. We also hash out the plans to record a video documentary of the making of our next album.




050 R&D – The DJ Hat | A Story About The Warehouse Times | Is Warehouse Funk Played Out?

The snow has finally granted Dice a night off! Dice is back at his house and not out plowing the snow from the streets of New Hampshire. As we catch up with each other, we develop some new tactics. We realize that the next time we will be able to get into the studio together will be later this year so we come up with the idea to just do a stress free session where we transfer ideas over an offline phone call. More on that to come. Then, Dice shares his feelings about conceptual ideas for lyrics on the next album. We question if the topic of Warehouse Funk has played it’s course. Are we beating a dead horse? I also share a cool interaction with a new person.


047 R&D – Workflows and Tutorial Creation | The MPC1000 Arrives

In this episode, we warm up with some light sports talk and then transition into thoughts on workflows and procrastination. We also entertain the idea of creating some new tutorials.

Also, the Akai MPC1000 arrived at Dice’s doorstep and he is now brushing up on his MPC skills. Here is a picture of the MPC1000:

As we chat about the MPC we talk a bit about some other pieces of vintage hip hop gear and mention the E-mu SP 1200. Here is a picture of this piece of gear which we mention in the podcast: