050 R&D – The DJ Hat | A Story About The Warehouse Times | Is Warehouse Funk Played Out?

The snow has finally granted Dice a night off! Dice is back at his house and not out plowing the snow from the streets of New Hampshire. As we catch up with each other, we develop some new tactics. We realize that the next time we will be able to get into the studio together will be later this year so we come up with the idea to just do a stress free session where we transfer ideas over an offline phone call. More on that to come. Then, Dice shares his feelings about conceptual ideas for lyrics on the next album. We question if the topic of Warehouse Funk has played it’s course. Are we beating a dead horse? I also share a cool interaction with a new person.


047 R&D – Workflows and Tutorial Creation | The MPC1000 Arrives

In this episode, we warm up with some light sports talk and then transition into thoughts on workflows and procrastination. We also entertain the idea of creating some new tutorials.

Also, the Akai MPC1000 arrived at Dice’s doorstep and he is now brushing up on his MPC skills. Here is a picture of the MPC1000:

As we chat about the MPC we talk a bit about some other pieces of vintage hip hop gear and mention the E-mu SP 1200. Here is a picture of this piece of gear which we mention in the podcast:


046 R&D – Thoughts On The 3rd Installment | Kaotica Eyeball | Peter Griffin

Dice takes my temperature on my ideas about our next record (which we are affectionately calling The 3rd Installment). Basically, we’re in a brainstorming phase while we create our next set of songs. We conclude our thoughts by realizing that we are liquid. We’re malleable and just spinballin’ ideas and this is how we come up with new concepts.

Also, I’ve been hip to this new piece of gear which I will be adding to my arsenal on the next round of recording. I share my enthusiasm for this piece of gear. For someone like me who doesn’t have an acoustically treated studio, this product is the bees knees. It’s a sound isolation device that is placed around any microphone in an untreated room to make for a less audibly polluted recording. It will make it so we can get a quality take even in a loud environment. Check out the Kaotica Eyeball. https://www.kaoticaeyeball.com/products/kaotica-eyeball

Finally, we get a call from Peter Griffin and oh yeah, Dice bought an MPC… more on that next week!


041 R&D – Google Rollz and Dice | Friday The 13th

We’ve reached the top of the Google charts!! haha just kidding, but we are number 1 in search when you google Rollz and Dice. It may not sound like a big deal, but we believe it to be! When we first started out, some gambling site showed up, but not anymore!

In this episode, we talk a bit about Google and then Dice goes Zodiac on Friday the 13th!