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Here’s what people are saying about The Rollz and Dice Show

A behind the scenes look into the world of two musicians from inspiration through the struggle of creating their art and their personal journey in between.” -Justin Depew (Audio Engineer and Composer)

Don’t sleep on @rollzanddice podcasts dope material every Friday evening.” -Darnell BenJamin (Music Producer)

Just thankful for your show fellas! Truly inspiring.” -Ryan Smiley (Rapper and Producer)

Mad respect to my new friends Rollz and Dice puttin in work.” DJ Needles (DJ and Producer)

“Ya’ll gotta check out this podcast @rollzanddice pretty dope stuff. Its an audio engineer and a DJ talking about all things sound and cool.” -Vega Rodrigues (Music Producer)

Who are Rollz and Dice?

Warehouse Funk Music Producers. Proudly Slangin' Warehouse Funk Since 2009

Dice on left and Rollz on right

We’re music producers just like the folks whose music we play on our show. We’ve written many, many songs, but only summed them up into the two albums below. In 2009, we set out to make our first album Warehouse Funk. Then, in 2016, we released our self-titled, second album Rollz and Dice.

Scroll down and stream any of the tracks from our two albums. The music is available for free download too by going directly to our bandcamp page here. The ultimate compliment is if you download and bump the jams as loud as possible in your car or on your home stereo. If you want to let us know you’re diggin’ it, we can be reached on any of our social channels:

Hope you enjoy!

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