046 R&D – Thoughts On The 3rd Installment | Kaotica Eyeball | Peter Griffin

Dice takes my temperature on my ideas about our next record (which we are affectionately calling The 3rd Installment). Basically, we’re in a brainstorming phase while we create our next set of songs. We conclude our thoughts by realizing that we are liquid. We’re malleable and just spinballin’ ideas and this is how we come up with new concepts.

Also, I’ve been hip to this new piece of gear which I will be adding to my arsenal on the next round of recording. I share my enthusiasm for this piece of gear. For someone like me who doesn’t have an acoustically treated studio, this product is the bees knees. It’s a sound isolation device that is placed around any microphone in an untreated room to make for a less audibly polluted recording. It will make it so we can get a quality take even in a loud environment. Check out the Kaotica Eyeball. https://www.kaoticaeyeball.com/products/kaotica-eyeball

Finally, we get a call from Peter Griffin and oh yeah, Dice bought an MPC… more on that next week!


041 R&D – Google Rollz and Dice | Friday The 13th

We’ve reached the top of the Google charts!! haha just kidding, but we are number 1 in search when you google Rollz and Dice. It may not sound like a big deal, but we believe it to be! When we first started out, some gambling site showed up, but not anymore!

In this episode, we talk a bit about Google and then Dice goes Zodiac on Friday the 13th!


Brian Buckalew Of ProVizion Studios – Mastering Audio In-The-Box

I interview Brian Buckalew from ProVizion Studios in response to his YouTube video “Mastering in Pro Tools (with stock plugins)“. I stumbled upon the video while attempting to put together a decent-sounding mix. I used to be able to produce some pretty good mixes, but they weren’t quite up-to par with some of the music that I listened to on a regular basis. So I Googled something like “mastering in pro tools using stock plug ins” or “stock plug in pro tools mastering” and Brian’s video popped up. I was so inspired by the video that I reached out and asked if he wanted to be a guest on the podcast and he was all about it!

In the interview, we talk about Brian’s journey from violin player to bass player to audio engineer, graphic designer, and studio owner. We then proceed to deconstruct the technicalities related to mastering and signal flow. Here’s a breakdown of Brian’s signal flow for self-mastering in Pro Tools (version 10.3.4):

Brian Buckalew’s Pro Tools Stock Plug Ins Mastering Chain

  • Create a new session.
  • Set input monitoring to on (Track > Auto Import Recording).
  • Create 2 stereo audio tracks, 2 stereo auxiliary tracks, and 1 stereo master track.
  • Name the tracks as follows:
    • Audio Track 1 – Beginning Audio
    • Auxiliary Track 1 – Sub Mix
    • Auxiliary Track 2 – Stereo Print
    • Audio Track 2 – ***PRINT***
    • Master Track – Master 1
  • Record Enable – ***PRINT***
  • Import your audio into the Beginning Audio track.
  • Set up a bus from the output of Beginning Audio to the input of Sub Mix.
  • Add the EQ3 7-Band plug in and roll a few decibels off the low end around 60 hz and the high end around 20,000 hz.
  • Next, add the Pro Tools Compressor/Limiter as the second plug in. Use the “Clean Limit” preset and toggle the threshold until you are compressing no more than what the preset output is boosting (about 2 decibels).
  • Then, add and set the BF-76 Peak Limiter plug in.
  • Then, using a new bus, send the output of Sub Mix to the input of Stereo Print.
  • Use the Maxim Limiter set the threshold to -0.3 and toggle threshold until you have the sound you want.
  • Send the output of the Stereo Print (using another new bus) to the input of ***PRINT***.
  • Add Dither plug in.
  • Set the playhead to the beginning of the track and record the session to print the audio to ***PRINT***.
  • Export new audio.

My description of Brian’s Mastering chain is an oversimplified one. He explains in depth in his video here:

Anybody looking for help regarding audio, graphic design, or general recording studio needs can find all of that at www.provizionstudios.com.

Brian Buckalew can be reached at his email brianbuckalew@yahoo.com or his studio line Monday through Friday from 10:00 am – 9:00 pm (Eastern) at (850) 352-1194.


040 R&D – Weekly Touchbase | Wireless Vs Hardwire Internet Connection | A Cool Interaction | Monthly Stats | After Party With GreyFace

Dice and I have our normal warm up for the first 15 minutes, then we troubleshoot WIFI vs Hardwire internet connection, I share a cool interaction I had, then GreyFace Killah takes us into our after party.


039 R&D – | 30 Challenge Concluded | New Year and 2017 Goals | We Write A Song On Air

As a conclusion to our 30 Day Challenge, we decided to write a song on air. In this episode of the Rollz and Dice Show Podcast, we do just that! Also, we discuss 2017 goals. Check it out!


038 R&D – 30 Day Challenge Updates | An Idea Is Born

We got some updates from the 30 Day Challenge and also decide that on the 30th day of the challenge, we will write a song on air. Join us for the live stream Friday, December 30, 2016 @ 9 PM Eastern/6 PM Pacific.

Beats From The 30 Day Challenge

Day 9 –

Day 10 –

Day 11 –

Day 12 –

Day 13 –

Day 14 –

Day 15 –