025 R&D – Mastering Explained With Matt Hayes | Kicking Off The Era Of The Singles


Mastering is a stage in the production process that enhances audio and brings it to a standardized level of quality. Another common way to think of it is a way to make music radio-ready.  Technically and traditionally, this process would be called pre-mastering and Mastering would be the final preservation, production, and duplication stage of making an album, but for the purpose of this episode, let’s just call it Mastering.

In this episode, we chat with our Mastering Engineer Matt Hayes about the signal chain he used to give our music some mojo and make it sound nice and toasty. Then, Dice and I listen to a new beat and talk about how we are going to be producing and releasing singles for awhile as opposed to waiting for a full album to be completed to release music. Check the podcast out by clicking the play head above (if you’re on the website) or downloading the episode in iTunes!

Also, if you need a great audio engineer to mix or master your music, contact matttheengineer@gmail.com.


022 R&D – A Copyright Discussion And We Reveal The Samples We Use


In this episode, we have an in depth conversation about sampling and copyright laws and then we proceed to name off the albums that we sample from. Ironic? You tell me…

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020 R&D – The Mixing Sessions: Rounds 1 and 2


In this episode, me and my homie chat about the mixes. Click the playhead above to check it out!

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Impermanence by Deer Leap – Album Review and an Audio Interview with Guitarist, Matt Hunter

ImpermanenceToday’s episode is about a band who has just released a full length album. I interview good friend and guitarist Matt Hunter of Deer Leap, and we talk about their newest release called Impermanence. We also talk about the recording process, the mastering process, and everything else that goes with an album launch. Click the playhead above to listen to the podcast interview.deerleapDeer Leap is a post-rock indie band from New Hampshire. They have a finely crafted atmospheric, yet driving sound made up of arpeggiated guitars, crisp, popping bass lines, dynamic drums, and melodic vocals that evoke feelings of reminiscence. Their style builds upon itself in an epic kind of way and then breaks into catchy, but subtly-delivered harmonies and chants.

Impermanence – Album Review

Impermanence manages to capture a vibe that it maintains throughout. Guitar lines and vocals carry tunes while drums and bass hold down steady, sometimes-syncopated rhythms that make for dynamic mixes. Each instrument is clearly defined and everything sounds intentional. Vocals compliment the music, adding melodic goodness to the overall sound.

One standout track is “Looking Glass Station”. Delay effects in the treble set a soothing soundscape while the song progresses into a funky-type break in the middle of the composition. The title track (following immediately) kicks off with an oddly-comforting dissonance that eventually falls in to a pleasing bundle of chords and rhythms.

With a modal character that doesn’t let up, the music accomplishes what it seems to set out to accomplish. The album reaches its climax on track eight, “Go Big. Go Home” when catchy meets calm. The lyrics suggest a sense of desire  for something greater when they plead, “Just once I’d like to be more than a memory…” with the rhetorical response, “I know, I know” as if the plea is immediately answered with a solution of musical resolve.

An overwhelming feeling of calm is present throughout (even though, I bet their stage-show is anything but calm). You wonder if Deer Leap knows something about life that we don’t know. Themes are repeated with intricately-weaved guitar work that sets like a back drop for the rest of the sounds.

Impermanence is a solid listen from front to back. Thirty-two-ish minutes seem to go by quickly when you’re listening. Deer Leap music and merchandise is available at the links/locations below.

You can get in touch with Deer Leap via their Facebook page or email deerleapmusic@gmail.com.


019 R&D – Album Launch and Discussions About The Podcast Format

The album will be available for online streaming and downloading on Friday, September 2, 2016!

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