Mixing Vocals with Shaun Kelly from Raw Technique Studios

In this podcast interview, audio engineer and entrepreneur Shaun Kelly from Raw Technique Studios talks about mixing vocals and how he began his business.

I reached out to Shaun after I saw his YouTube video that accumulated several hundred thousand views. In the video, Shaun lays out his signal flow for vocals. The funny thing is that he has updated his process since the video was published. Here is Shaun’s updated signal chain for vocals:

  1. Start with a De-Esser to clean up sibilance.
  2. Then, EQ sweep to listen for and remove any other problem frequencies.
  3. Compress to control dynamics.

That’s the basic chain! The video further breaks down some other techniques to get a full sound while mixing rap vocals. For example, some other possible effect you might add are as follows:

  • Air enhancer – add high end and thickness
  • Distortion – for grit
  • Parallel Compression- Duplicate and add another compressor  – crush the signal and mix to fill it in
  • Finally, add reverb or delay. In the video, Shaun adds plate reverb with decay all the way down and doesn’t allow too much high end to be affected. Delay – quarter note delay with a telephone sounding EQ penciled in at specific spots.

That’s not the only thing we talked about, though. We talk about his journey in building his business and more!


Shaun is an entrepreneur and shared a couple of the the resources that helped him get to where he is:

  • Lifter LMS for hosting training content.
  • www.wpcrafter.com for general learning of the website stuff
  • Inmotion hosting for web hosting
  • Easy digital downloads – sell beats | courses sent out as zip file

Shaun can be found at www.rawtechniquestudios.com and has info about this podcast at www.rawtechniquestudios.com/rollzanddice.

Thanks to Shaun Kelly and Raw Technique Studios and to all of our listeners.